How To Cook Authentic Nigerian Okra Soup With Dried Cat Fish, Cray Fish and Smoked Stock Fish.




Ground pepper

Cray fish

Smoked stock fish

Dried cat fish

Stock cubes

 table salt

Palm oil

Locust beans



1. Grate okra with medium size grater

2. Wash smoked and dried fish. Debone fish and set aside

3. Blend 250grams of melon or egusi with blender, and set aside

4. Place a medium size pot on heat, add 125ml of palm oil and leave for 1 minute to heat

5. Add a pinch of salt to the blended melon or egusi and then begin to portion it into the heated palm oil. (Don’t stir immediately as melon is meant to fry into tiny small balls of melon)

6. Add 250 – 500 ml of water to pot or depending on the quantity of okra you plan to prepare, once melon as fried well.

7. Add smoked fish, dried fish, crayfish, Locust beans, Stock cube, table salt and palm oil to water and water for five minutes for all to boil together.

8. Add some shredded bitter leaves and cover for two minutes, then your grated okra, and leave for 3 minutes to steam.

9. Turn off the heat and prepare to enjoy your okra with Eba