How To Cook The Perfect Nigerian YAM PORRIDGE (ASARO)

THE INGREDIENTS NEEDED TO MAKE ASARO ARE: (Ingredients are displayed on the cabinet in trays)

Ingredients for 3 serving

  1. A tuber of yam (about 1kg)
  2. Red bell pepper or Romanian sweet pepper (Tatashe or bawa)
  3. 5 pieces of Scotch bonnet chillies (Ata Rodo)
  4. Onion
  5. Palm oil (100ml or as preferred)
  6. Stock cubes
  7. Salt
  8. smoked stock fish or dried fish
  9. water
  10. Any green vegetable



  1. Peel yam, cut yam into smaller pieces, wash well and keep aside
  2. blend pepper to taste and keep aside
  3. Chop or slice onions
  4. Wash, debone fish and keep aside
  5. Place a pot on medium heat
  6. Pour yam chunks
  7. Add blended pepper
  8. Add fish
  9. Add salt and stock cube
  10. Add enough water to cover it by just 1cm
  11. Leave to boil till yam is almost tender. (This will take like 20 minutes)
  12. Once yam is almost tender add palm oil and chopped or sliced onions to the yam and continue to cook till yam is absolutely tender
  13. Using a wooden ladle to break yam into pieces but not to puree
  14. You can add more water in between cooking to get desired thickness
  15. Stir together gently to avoid breaking yam the more
  16. Cook for another 2-3 minutes and add vegetable. (Mix into porridge and cook for another 3 minutes).